Vacations in Costa Rica

Today the temperature is 80 F . It is sunny with clear sky’s.There is a light breeze and you can smell the fresh air of the rainforest in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

When going on vacation in La Fortuna Costa Rica one can expect to have lots of adventure, as well as relaxation depending on your mood.

The local people are very peaceful and helpful in La Fortuna. The great thing about a Costa Rica Vacation is most of the country speaks or understands some type of English. Some call Costa Rica the Switzerland of Latin America. For most people that come to Costa Rica they want a real exceptional experience in Nature.

What better way to experience the nature of La Fortuna, Arenal area than to stay in the Rainforest at a Bed and Breakfast designed to cater to your comfort. I have traveled extensively to many countries, and I have stayed at the finest hotels and bed and breakfasts alike.

And I can honestly say there is something so memorable and warm about staying in a bed and breakfast. I guess the difference for me is at  top hotels you are treated nice with a frozen smile for it is there job to keep you happy.Then there is many people so it is not so private.

However at a bed breakfast I receive genuine smiles, friendliness, and a desire to help that is so sincere. What I like the best about staying in a bed breakfast is I have all the privacy I love,a nice home-cooked breakfast when I get up, and all the amenities of home. Another great thing about bed and breakfast lodging is whether you a individual looking for relaxation or a couple looking for romance a bed breakfast provides the ambiance for both.

One of Costa Rica’s most distinctive natural wonders is the Volcan Arenal found in the area of La Fortuna de San Carlos. Arenal volcano resides within the 29,960-acre Arenal Volcano National Park. The Mirador El Silencio Reserve is a lush primary rainforest. You can see old-growth trees such as the Ceiba, trumpet tree and Guarumo. Amazingly, it’s also 5km from Arenal volcano, Costa Rica’s youngest and most active volcano.

You can see Arenal’s distinctive presence in your eye line as you hike through the jungle. Rising above the thick rainforest, Arenal Volcano frames the skyline. The immediate area hosts a wealth of activities – including whitewater rafting, waterfall rappelling, hiking and canopy tours – as well as the friendly town of La Fortuna. like to unwind in the nearby hot springs post-hike which is one my favorite past times. Lake Arenal is located at the base of the stunning Arenal Volcano. Many people love to go boating for a view of the volcano from the lake.
Lake Arenal is the largest lake in Costa Rica.

Vacations in La Fortuna Costa Rica are exciting adventures with a peace that lingers on. La Fortuna draws constant travelers from all over the world for its breathtaking Volcano which overlooks the rainforest to its stunning waterfalls one can cool off in, to its lush mysterious jungles.

The jungles will enchant you. Monkeys, exotic birds, butterflys, strange looking frogs, iguanas, sloths, tapirs, coatis, and jaguars can be found in the jungle. There is something for everyone on a Costa Rica vacation the beautiful senery, the peace ,the exotic places and the memories which help us go back to our other busy life.